Thursday, May 29

Boredoms: Boretronix 2

Summer of 1993, phony01 bought Pop Tatari on cd and brought it to the local coffee shop/show venue/teenage loitering club I volunteered at. At this point, I already really enjoyed a lot of extreme music of some form or another, but I never heard anything like Boredoms.

The cd cleared out most of the room, but half of us stuck around and enjoyed what we were listening to. Much of it was pretty comical and cartoonish then from out of no where very violent or degrading on the ears in some way. Usually a hi pitched tone for minutes.

Lucky for phony01, he was able to see BO during that release at Lalapalooza. His report on the show was that "they played everything live as how you would hear it on cd." Knowing that gave me more respect for them and was intrigued.

This is a rare cassette that was released in 1989, just a few years prior to the Pop Tatari release. Only 100 existed. I think this cassette has some great material on it. Even if it is a little low fi, the energy of Boredoms will always stand out on whatever they do.

Boretronix 2

There is no track listing for this release

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