Sunday, May 11

Public Image Ltd: Flowers Of Romance

This LP is on my "top 20 releases of all time" list. Reversed tape loops, trebly distorted guitars, prominent & heavily processed dual drumlines, amplified wristwatches, reversed piano and televised opera. This record has it all. But with no surprise, most people who heard this in 1981 didn't quite get it.

When I was younger and just starting to fully recognize punk rock, there was one group I could never really get behind. The Sex Pistols. Just could not handle it. Granted, they had a crucial existence in music. But I think their existence proved worthy only due to who they influenced down the road. Such as Joy Division, The Buzzcocks or The Clash. I'm sure I will make a few more enemies by stating that. But what can you do?

The record that introduced me to PIL was the metal box set. I would stare at it day to day at my local record store. Finally, a friend purchased the CD format of it. I was very pleased, but still not fully sold on them. Until I heard Flowers Of Romance.

For a minute there, I was trying my best to find the most obnoxious, obscure, far from commercial "sound" as I could. This release fit perfectly in that void of my music library. Already enjoying the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Birthday Party and Neaubauten, I was blown away that I could one day say"yeah...I actually like a John Lydon band!"

If you've been turned off by John's banter, be it in random press and televised performances, just try and put it aside. Trust me. Just pretend that guy is someone different all together. Although, now that I think of it, there have been some pretty amazing banters/explosive attitude in some televised interviews. Nevermind.

But don't take MY word for it. Let this release speak for itself.

Public Image Ltd. Flowers Of Romance

All songs written by John Lydon/Keith Levene except * by Lydon/Levene/Martin Atkins.

1. "Four Enclosed Walls" – 4:44 *
2. "Track 8" – 3:15
3. "Phenagen" – 2:40
4. "Flowers of Romance" – 2:51
5. "Under the House" – 4:33 *
6. "Hymie's Him" – 3:18
7. "Banging the Door" – 4:49 *
8. "Go Back" – 3:46
9. "Francis Massacre" – 3:31
10. "Flowers of Romance (Instrumental)" Bonus CD track
11. "Home Is Where the Heart Is" Bonus CD track
12. "Another" Bonus CD track

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