Monday, May 19

Television: Marquee Moon

CBGB staples and one of the most critically acclaimed groups of our time, Television didn't quite leave a huge commercial mark, rather a cult following.

Also noted as laying foreground to the post-punk era, Television also had been compared to the likes of a jam band. Some even went as far as saying that they were the Grateful Dead of punk. Thats stretching it a bit, even if it was 1977.

In 1973, Richard Hell along with Tom Verlaline, formed Neon Boys. Billy Ficca was added shortly after. In '74, Neon Boys disbanded. Later that year they reformed as Television.

This LP was released in 1977 on Elektra Records. Along side with Patti Smith Group, Ramones and Talking Heads, they remained a very prominent group in the late 70's. Not a bad era, if you ask me. It's my favorite and obviously many others as well. You can hear the influences in music today. Very popular music, even. Not a bad thing by any means. I'd much rather hear someone's take on "Venus" than, oh, "Bad To The Bone."

Marquee Moon

All songs written by Tom Verlaine unless otherwise indicated.

1. See No Evil – 3:53
2. Venus – 3:51
3. Friction – 4:44
4. Marquee Moon – 10:40
5. Elevation – 5:07
6. Guiding Light" – 5:35 (Lloyd, Verlaine)
7. Prove It – 5:02
8. Torn Curtain – 6:56

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