Monday, January 26

Lack there of

I apologize for not posting as much as before. Please accept this Kraftwerk.

Performing "Tanzmusik" live on television in 1973.

Monday, January 19

Happy Birthday, Dolly.

Wow! 63, it's hard to believe.

I always loved hearing Dolly as I grew up. My mother would always play her records in the late 70's and early 80's. Shit, she even watched her syndicated show!

Definitely a living legend that helped pave a road for many, many female musicians. Her influence can be seen, as well as respected in many genre's.

Sunday, January 4

Sun Ra - Brother From Another Planet


Part. 1

Part. 2

Part. 3

Part. 4

Can - Unlimited Edition

The abbreviation E.F.S., appearing in several of the track titles, refers to Ethnological Forgery Series, a series of songs in which Can self-consciously imitated various "world music" genres. Mother Upduff is a retelling of an urban legend involving a family whose grandmother dies while they are on holiday together, and whose corpse – left wrapped up on the roof of the family car – is later stolen along with the car.

- Wikipedia entry for Can "Unlimited Edition"

Essentially, this album is a collection of tracks over the bands existence from 1968 to 1976. It was a expanded version of their album "Limited Edition" which was released in 1974. As the name suggests, it had a limited press. This particular album added tracks 14 - 19 and was released as a double LP.

It also should be noted that Can's most recognized vocalists, Damo Suzuki and Malcolm Mooney are featured on here.

Many times collections like these can be lack luster, but Can pretty much manages the "keep things interesting" department in check. Definitely worth your time if you enjoy this group.

Unlimited Edition

1. Gomorrha – 5:41
2. Doko E – 2:26
3. LH 702 – 2:11
4. I'm Too Leise – 5:10
5. Musette – 2:08
6. Blue Bag (Inside Paper) – 1:16
7. E.F.S. No. 27 – 1:47
8. TV Spot – 3:02
9. E.F.S. No. 7 – 1:05
10. The Empress And The Ukraine King – 4:40
11. E.F.S. No. 10 – 2:01
12. Mother Upduff – 4:28
13. E.F.S. No. 36 – 1:55
15. Connection – 2:20
16. Fall Of Another Year – 3:20
17. E.F.S. No. 8 – 1:37
18. Transcendental Express – 4:37
19. Ibis – 5:00

Saturday, December 6

Dive Like Jehu: Bullet Train To Vegas 7", Self Titled LP & Yank Crime

Jehu came along at the perfect time for me. I absorbed sounds from the likes of Nation Of Ulysses, Girls Against Boys, Cop Shoot Cop, Sonic Youth, etc. But then some friends turned me on to this band.

My first introduction to them was seeing a sticker on a friends guitar my freshman year. Then the self titled followed by the 7". I was blown away. Both vocals, the discordant chords, drawn out time all made sense and was very uplifting to hear. Granted, a lot of music can do this to you at an early age, but most don't stand the test of time. I can safely say Jehu did that.

Many people, myself included, site them as a major influence in the 90's. They fulfilled a lot of my musical tastes and more. To this day, you can always hear filtered jehu-esque parts in some bands material. One good example was San Diego's scene shortly after their existence. A lot more Hardcore was also adapting their writing style to their music. I thought you could always hear some Reis in Swing Kids guitar parts, as well as many other bands. Bands I was in were definitely included!

Their history is long and complex and still to this day, most members continue with music and, or something that relates.

Forming in 1990 in San Diego, CA, John Reis and Rick Froberg created Drive Like Jehu after the demise of their prior group, Pitchfork. They sounded similar, but differences included Rick playing guitar as well as vocals. Also, the addition of Mark Trombino on drums and Mike Kennedy on bass rounded out the nice complexity that would come from intricate, interweaving guitars and odd time signatures. Kennedy went on to be a chemist and Trombino remained a music engineer. He is known for recording such groups in the day as Boys Life to bands such as Blink 182 & Jimmy Eat World. Froberg continued with his Visual and Graphic arts career. It should be noted that all of Pitchfork, Jehu and Hot Snakes art for their records and merchandise was created by Rick.

John always remained in Rocket From The Crypt during Jehu. The growing success of Rocket is what essentially put an end to the band. Over the years, John played once more with Froberg. That band was called Hot Snakes. You can find more about them, Jehu and several others on Swami Records, John's label.

Jehu recorded and released two full lengths, a 7" and a compilation track for a compilation CD. All of this you will find here in this posting. The compilation track is the last song on Yank Crime.


Bullet Train To Vegas 7"

1. Bullet Train To Vegas - 2:40
2. Hand Over Fist - 4:24

Self Titled

1. Caress - 3:55
2. Spikes to You - 2:18
3. Step on Chameleon - 5:12
4. O Pencil Sharp - 9:44
5. Atom Jack - 2:24
6. If it Kills You - 7:12
7. Good Luck in Jail - 4:05
8. Turn it Off - 6:12
9. Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity - 3:58

Yank Crime

1. Here Come the Rome Plows - 5:44
2. Do You Compute - 7:12
3. Golden Brown - 3:14
4. Luau - 9:27
5. Super Unison - 7:24
6. New Intro - 3:32
7. New Math - 4:06
8. Human Interest - 3:24
9. Sinews - 9:12

Friday, December 5

Electric Wizard: Supercoven, Let Us Prey, Witchcult Today

Those of you who love the Doom Metal genre, Electric Wizard must be and most likely is one of your favorites. A few of their 6 LPs & 6 EPs are regarded very highly and thought of as pretty important. "Come My Fanatics..." would have to be one of them.

Electric Wizard had their fair share of up's and downs. There was the obvious, which are loss of members and tensions on tour between members. But random other acts would always seem to interfere.

Such as:

1. Guitarist Jus Oborn was arrested for possession of marijuana.

2. Mark Greening was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

3. Tim Bagshaw served a sentence for robbery.

4. Oborn suffered a collapsed eardrum during a concert.

5. Oborn later severed a fingertip during, what has been described as a"DIY accident"

6. Greening broke his collarbone in a motorcycle accident

Definitely one of my fav's when it comes to this sound. Some call it drone, stoner, stoney, whatever. Very full, hypnotic, guitar fuzzy, ambient at times and some great background records. Always keeps me satisfied.

Lets Us Prey as well as Witchcult Today are LPs. Supercoven is an EP. Supercoven was from 98, Prey came out in 2002, Withcult, their most recent, in 2007.

Check out more for yourselves if you enjoy these.

Let Us Prey

1. ...A Chosen Few – 6:35
2. We, the Undead – 4:29
3. Master of Alchemy – 9:23

I. House of Whipcord
II. The Black Drug

4. The Outsider – 9:18
5. Night of the Shape – 4:02
6. Priestess of Mars – 10:02


1. Supercoven – 13:13
2. Burnout – 18:39

*Extra songs included on the 2000 reissue:

3. Wizards of Gore – 9:02
4. Electric Wizard (live) – 9:53

Witchcult Today

1. Witchcult Today – 7:54
2. Dunwich – 5:34
3. Satanic Rites of Drugula – 6:06
4. Raptus – 2:13
5. The Chosen Few – 8:19
6. Torquemada '71 – 6:42
7. Black Magic Rituals & Perversions – 11:01

I. Frisson Des Vampires
II. Zora

8. Saturnine – 11:04

Monday, December 1

Discordance Axis: Jouhou

A band that ranks high in the "holy shit, this is brutal" realm is non other than Discordance Axis. Very reminiscent of early Napalm Death(IE: Scum, Enslavement, etc)

The power and intensity of Mr. Dave Witte's percussion in this group is nothing shy of say an M16 machine gun. The vocals can be ranked up their with Eye of early Boredoms. Shrieking to low grunting. The guitars? Well, I can honestly say they"shred" without feeling cheesy. I really enjoy the fact that they're so heavy and played at half or even quarter time of the drum tempo. Something that kept D.A. apart from other Grindcore.

I first heard of this group in 1998 when this LP was released. It was pretty limited and hard to find in some stores. A friend in Richmond, VA played it shortly after he seen them. After that, I had to find one for myself. It took a couple years, but damn it, I found one.

This CD version of the vinyl(originally on Devour in 98, re-released on Hydra Head)features a couple 7" splits as well. Most notable are the Plutocracy and Melt Banana splits.

In my prior post, I mentioned that I listened to His Hero Is Gone if I was "upset/pissed off" I figured someone who is about to commit a serious, vicious and gruesome crime would use this as their soundtrack.



1. Vertigo Index – 0:53
2. Panoptic – 0:58
3. Aperture of Pinholes – 1:01
4. Information Sniper – 0:41
5. Carcass Lottery – 1:15
6. Come Apart Together, Come Together Alone – 0:45
7. Rain Perimeter – 0:53
8. A Broken Tomorrow – 0:46
9. Attrition – 0:26
10. Nikola Tesla" – 1:02
11. Flow My Tears the Policeman Said – 0:52
12. Jouhou – 0:48
13. Damage Style – 0:51
14. Aether Scalpul" – 0:36
15. A Crack in the Cataracts – 0:28
16. Numb(ers) – 0:46
17. Ashtray Ballpoint – 0:58
18. Typeface – 1:10
19. Reciprocity – 1:12
20. Reincarnation – 1:17
21. Alzheimer – 0:35
22. Flow My Tears the Policeman Said – 0:51
23. Eye Gag – 0:24
24. Area Trinity – 1:11
25. Integer – 1:03
26. Information Sniper – 0:39
27. Tip – 0:59
28. Tokyo – 0:37
29. So Unfilial Rule – 0:09
30. Junk Utopia – 1:15
31. Continuity – 1:26
32. [untitled] – 2:23

Wednesday, November 19

His Hero Is Gone: Fifteen Counts Of Arson

His Hero Is Gone. Definitely one of my all time favorites when it came to music that had a Crust Punk/Sludge Metal influence. They formed in 1995 and hailed from Memphis, Tennessee. This was a period of time where I was starting to really get tired of metal. My top 4 Metal bands were eating shit(Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica & Voivod) and I was far more interested at HxC's take on the genre. Bands such as Man Is The Bastard, Neanderthal, Rorschach and many others come to mind. But HHIG really caught my attention.

Their tuned down guitars/bass, huge anvil-esque power behind the drums was so crushing to me. I thought they were the perfect band to listen to if you were extremely upset. Especially anything related to "the man", if you will.

The name came from a newspaper headline that Carl(bassist/vocals) saw. It was to be interpreted in many ways as well as their way of trying to avoid the standard names that you would find in the Crust scene. You could always tell because they had "Dis" at the beginning of their title.(IE:Disrupt)

Their following was rather large at the time of their existence. Never using a website or any form of major, nor college radio play, they would find themselves playing all over the U.S., Europe, Japan and so on. Whenever I would see them live, I knew I had to make it early. Hundreds of people were always expected. And their shows? Brutal. Very tight and coherent changes for such heavy, low ended music.

Hearing this record brings back a lot of good memories of my travels as a teen and early 20's. I instantly think of More Than Music Festival in Columbus, OH, The Michigan Fests that would occur in the spring, Goleta, CA Festivals, basement shows, VFW halls, the works. A time when people really didn't give a shit what you looked like or who you knew, but rather were more interested in figuring out what makes you tick, where the best meals in your town can be located and at the end of it all, you most likely had a new long time friend.

As cheesy as this may sound, it is the truth. It saddens me to see the current state of affairs in similar or like minded scenes. A time of Myspace, flashy banner ads and hi profile tours. Seems the message just got lost somewhere.

Fifteen Counts Of Arson

1. Professional Mind Fuckers - 2:07
2. ...And We Burn - 0:53
3. Unleash - 0:25
4. Leash - 1:54
5. Sterile Fortress - 1:44
6. Good Samaritan - 0:29
7. Hand That Feeds - 0:21
8. Rain Dance - 2:42
9. Voluntary Amputation - 0:52
10. Anthem For The Undesirables - 0:58
11. Scalor - 1:54
12. Concrete Cage - 0:37
13. Abandoned - 1:25
14. Thieves - 1:30
15. The End Result Of 11 Months In The Mental Hospital - 4:42

Wednesday, November 5

Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft/D.A.F./DOS: Live in Wiesbaden/Wartburg, Germany. June 18th, 1981

"Dance the Mussolini, move your behind, clap your hands, and now the Adolf Hitler, and now the Jesus Christ, and now the communism ..." Lyric excerpt from the song Der Mussonlini

What we have here is a live bootleg cassette of two shows by DAF(Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft).

Formed in 1978 featuring Gabriel "Gabi" Delgado-López (vocals), Robert Görl (drums, percussion, electronic instruments), Kurt "Pyrolator" Dahlke (electronic instruments), Michael Kemner (bass-guitar) and Wolfgang Spelmans (guitar). Kurt Dahlke was replaced by Chrislo Haas (electronic instruments, bass-guitar, saxophone) in 1979.

DAF were very influential electrpunk/NDW from Düsseldorf, Germany. Starting off more as a punk group that incorporated electronics to eventually becoming, what John Peel referred to them as The Grandfathers of Techno.

Their story is still a little fuzzy to me. I do know they split for some time and reunited. To this day, they still exist, but only featuring two members. Hence the use of DOS at the end of their name towards the middle of their career.

Worth checking out. You can find some of their records and singles on Mute Records as well as Virgin Records.

Live in Wiesbaden/Wartburg, Germany. June 18th, 1981

* I have no artwork for this release. Hit me up if anyone finds one. Thanks!

1. Sato-Sato - 2:29
2. Verschwende Deine Jugend - 2:47
3. Der Mussolini - 3:58
4. Mein Herz Macht Bumm - 3:03
5. Der Rauber Und Der Prinz - 3:39
6. Kinderspielzeug - 2:07
7. Der Muskel - 2:37
8. Nachtarbeit - 1:43
9. Verlier Nicht Den Kopf - 3:05
10. Alle Gegen Alle - 3:46
11. Alles Ist Gut - 2:26
12. Als Wars Das Letzte Mal - 3:59
13. Kebabetraume - 4:07
14. Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit - 2:53

Monday, October 20

Pussy Galore: Exile On Main Street

As mentioned in the post prior, Pussy Galore released a handful of EP's, 7"s and cassettes. One of the well sought after cassettes they released was "Exile On Main Street."

Yes, the Rolling Stones record!

This was released in 1986 when they relocated to New York. If you manage to find a copy(how much it would cost you is beyond me!), buy it.

Exile On Main Street

1. Rocks Off - 4:22
2. Rip This Joint - 1:29
3. Hip Shake - 3:47
4. Casino Boogie - 2:43
5. Tumbling Dice - 4:16
6. Sweet Virginia - 2:45
7. Torn and Frayed - 3:10
8. Sweet Black Angel - 2:41
9. Loving Cup - 3:26
10. Happy - 2:27
11. Turd on the Run - 2:42
12. Ventilator Blues - 3:58
13. Just Wanna See His Face - 3:56
14. Let It Loose - 4:01
15. All Down the Line - 3:23
16. Stop Breaking Down - 2:37
17. Shine a Light - 5:30
18. Soul Survivor - 3:40

Sunday, October 19

Pussy Galore: Dial 'M' For Motherfucker

Pussy Galore got their start in Washington, D.C. in 1986. The band at the time featured Jon Spencer, Julia Cafritz and John Hammill. A few line up changes came to be over the years which lost/brought back members. The band disbanded in 1990 after releasing their 4th proper LP. The members went on to form Royal Trux, Boss Hog(which featured Jon and Julia) and most notable, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Their first few Lp's was nothing but noise, loose percussion and structures all while utilizing samples as well as tape manipulation. Many of the songs actually blended into one another making it hard for some people to know when the songs actually ended.

During 1986 in D.C., the "Emo" and Hardcore movements were flourishing and Dischord Records was on the musical map. Jon, showing deep hate for Ian MacKaye and Dischord Records in general, formed Pussy Galore as a response to the P.C. movements. It's fair to say that he pissed of some folks in D.C.

Pussy Galore relocated to N.Y. where they continued their harsh sounds and brutal live shows. During their time together, they released a handful of limited edition cassettes, 7"s and splits. One of which covered the Rolling Stones "Exile on Main Street."

Definitely my favorite era of Jon Spencer related releases. If you're a fan of any of the groups mentioned post Pussy Galore, give this a listen.

Dial'M'For Motherfucker

1. Understand Me - 4:05
2. SM 57 - 2:04
3. Kicked Out - 3:55
4. Solo=Sex - 3:02
5. Undertaker - 2:36
6. Dwda - 4:21
7. Dick Johnson - 2:20
8. 1 Hour Later - 2:50
9. Eat Me - 2:02
10. Waxhead - 2:19
11. Wait a Minute - 2:53
12. Evil Eye - 3:06
13. Adwd #2 - 2:30
14. Hang On - 5:41

Sunday, September 28

Wayne Jarrett: Showcase Vol.1 (Bubble Up)

Roots vocalist Wayne Jarrett remains relatively unknown, even for many reggae fans. Born in 1956 in Kingston, Jamaica, Wayne relocated to the U.S. with his mother and his 6 siblings.

Showcase Vol. 1(later known as Bubble Up) is essentially three Jarrett tracks, two Lloyd Barnes tracks, and a Horace Andy number all presented in the showcase style.

The showcase style is the vocal track with the dub track mixed onto the end. The tracks are all very well voiced in a manner that hints at Horace Andy without copying him. Owners of Wackies compilations should recognize a recycled rhythm or two, but Bullwackies managed to make an original fresh sounding roots album.

Guitar solos and a strong jazz influence make this an even more interesting album. This is a essential album for all roots fans.

Bubble Up

1. Brimstone And Fire - 5:39
2. Every Tongue Shall Tell - 5:11
3. Magic In The Air - 7:59
4. Bubble Up - 7:18
5. Darling Your Eyes - 7:28
6. Holy Mount Zion - 5:20

Tuesday, September 23

Crispy Ambulance: Frozen Blood (80-82)

Like many other groups mentioned in this blog who were inspired by the infamous Sex Pistols show at Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester(IE: Buzzcocks, Warsaw/Joy Division, etc), Crispy Ambulance was another.

Sometimes regarded at the time as "Joy Division copyists", C.A. didn't seem to leave quite a mark worldwide. At least, not as much of one like some others on the label.

Formed in 1978 by Alan Hempsall (vocals), Keith Darbyshire (bass), Gary Madeley (drums) and Robert Davenport (guitar)in Manchester. They disbanded in 1982 after several dozen shows in the UK and a tour in mainland Europe. In 1999, C.A. reformed with the original line up and released 2 more LP's of new material.

This is collection of their first stage as a group. Add it to your collection of bands on Factory Records/Post Punk/British 70's/early 80's music. I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

Frozen Blood (80-82)

1. Not What I Expected - 3:59
2. Deaf - 3:56
3. Come On - 2:10
4. Drug User – Drug Pusher - 6:24
5. October 31st - 3:34
6. Egypt - 5:10
7. A Sense Of Reason - 4:00
8. Eastern Bloc - 5:26
9. Concorde Square - 3:08
10. The Presence - 5:14
11. Headhunters - 2:52
12. Frozen Blood - 4:39
13. Turnbuckle - 5:57
14. The Gift Of Danger - 3:22
15. Hollow Points - 4:30
16. The Grind - 4:28
17. Cult - 3:14

Sunday, September 21

Atlantis Audio Archive Presents: VINTAGE 9/23/08

My friend at Atlantis Audio Archive will be spinning some wax at King & I Thai, here in Minneapolis.

The info as follows:

The music starts around 10 and goes till close (2 am). I will be spinning in a similar groove to the Champion Superior Soundsystem nights from my DC days. Lots of African, Brazilian and other funky grooves.

Tuesday July 22nd, 10 pm - close
King & I Thai
1346 La Salle Ave. Minneapolis, MN
No Cover

Blank Dogs: On Two Sides

To keep in the spirit of Blank Dogs approach at keeping the public from knowing too much about him, I will do the same. Provided below is a link to his blog.

Over all, it's a one person project that puts out several releases a year. Mostly released on cassette and vinyl 7"s. He allows all to download said releases from his page. So grab them while you can.

I do enjoy the feel of these Lo-Fi recordings. All done at Mr. Blank Dogs home, he manages to capture a feel of an era of music long gone. Mostly late 70's/early 80's electro/post punk, what have you. You can draw your own comparisons.

Also, let it be known that he played his first show this year. Mr Blank Dog likes to be Mr. Recluse.

Blank Dogs Blog

On Two Sides

1. Ants - 2:55
2. Blaring Speeches - 3:07
3. Twenty Two - 2:21
4. The Crystal Ladies - 4:04
5. Calico Hands - 2:16
6. Pieces - 2:10
7. Epic Moves - 3:36
8. The Lines - 2:09
9. RCD Song - 3:01
10. The Station - 2:03
11. Meltdown Cloud - 3:04
12. Three Window Room - 3:09

Tuesday, September 16

Willy - R.I.P. 1981 - 2008

Willy took his life just days ago, I have learned as of last night. At this moment, I can't really wrap my mind around it. He was a very special person to me and many, many others.

I had the opportunity to become friends w/Willy while he was in Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower. Our bands toured together and stayed in touch since. I don't think I met someone who was so warm and open in such a long, long time.

You're missed very badly, friend.


Wednesday, September 10

Birdland: 2004 Demo

This is a demo from the Baltimore group Birdland, which changed their name to Celebration shortly after. The band consists of Katrina Ford(vocals) and Sean Antanaitis(drum machine, sequencers, keys, guitar). These two were also in bands such as Jaks as well as Love Life.

Their sound stayed consistent over the years from band to band to that of Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard and The Bad Seeds. A cabaret feel, dark, spacious, etc.

You can find their current releases under the name Celebration on 4AD Records. Which, to me, is quite fitting. You may recognize Katrina's vocals on TV On The Radio's"Staring At The Sun."

Definitely worth checking out.

Birdland 2004 Demo

1. Waste Time - 4:53
2. Lost Souls - 3:38
3. Tonight - 3:12
4. Stars Don't - 5:02
5. Only One - 4:58
6. Go West - 5:31
7. Run Away - 7:27

Friday, August 29

Butthole Surfers: Rembrandt Pussyhorse/Cream Corn From The Socket Of Davis EP

Originally slated to be released in 1984 on Alternative Tentacles, 1986 became the "official" release year for the Butthole's second LP on Touch & Go Records. It was also intended to be an EP. As songs were added and dates were pushed back, T&G was the label who offered to have it as it's official home. It was further pushed back when BHS decided to add 2 more tracks.

Originated in Texas, then relocated in California, then back to Texas, BHS brought their acid induced music to the punk world in the early 80's. At this time, the line up changed about an average of two times for every record. Usually holding two stand up percussionists, 2 guitars, vocals and a bass. Recordings often included tape manipulation, violen, horns, samples and plenty of off the wall lyrics.

Disturbing, hilarious, obviously drug influenced, I give you one of my favorite records/bands during my highschool years.

Rembrandt Pussyhorse

Cream Corn From The Socket Of Davis EP

1. Creep in the Cellar – 2:05
2. Sea Ferring – 4:00
3. American Woman (Bachman, Cummings, Kale, Peterson) – 5:33
4. Waiting for Jimmy to Kick – 2:21
5. Strangers Die Everyday - 3:08
6. Perry – 3:32
7. Whirling Hall of Knives – 4:44
8. Mark Says Alright – 4:08
9. In the Cellar – 3:18
10. Moving To Florida – 4:32
11. Comb 1 – 4:57
12. To Parter 2 – 4:20
13. Tornadoes – 2:36

Monday, August 11

Sun Ra: Lanquidity

Sun Ra and most of the core Arkestra (at least Allen, Gilmore, Patrick and Boykins) left Chicago in 1961, staying in Montreal for a few months before settling in New York City. They initially had trouble finding performance venues and began living communally due to New York's higher cost of living. This frustration fueled the drastic changes in the Arkestra's sound as Sun Ra's music underwent a free jazz-influenced experimental period.

Wikipedia Entry/Sun Ra New York years (1961–early 1970s)

I've heard a lot of Sun Ra records over the years. Definitely no where near the amount of recordings he actually has, but enough to get an idea. But then I heard this record.

A new friend as of this year played me this record and needless to say, I took to it. It may only have 5 tracks, but they hold your attention. This is also a rare moment where you'll hear guitar in his group. Track one and five still remain my favorites. Interesting enough, they happen to be the opener and closers.

Whether or not you're into fusion, it's worth checking out. Even if you use it as"back ground" music.

Sun Ra: Lanquidity

1. Lanquidity 8:22
2. Where pathways meet 6:33
3. That's how I feel 8:06
4. Twin stars of thence 9:34
5. There are other worlds (they have not told you of) 10:57