Friday, December 5

Electric Wizard: Supercoven, Let Us Prey, Witchcult Today

Those of you who love the Doom Metal genre, Electric Wizard must be and most likely is one of your favorites. A few of their 6 LPs & 6 EPs are regarded very highly and thought of as pretty important. "Come My Fanatics..." would have to be one of them.

Electric Wizard had their fair share of up's and downs. There was the obvious, which are loss of members and tensions on tour between members. But random other acts would always seem to interfere.

Such as:

1. Guitarist Jus Oborn was arrested for possession of marijuana.

2. Mark Greening was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

3. Tim Bagshaw served a sentence for robbery.

4. Oborn suffered a collapsed eardrum during a concert.

5. Oborn later severed a fingertip during, what has been described as a"DIY accident"

6. Greening broke his collarbone in a motorcycle accident

Definitely one of my fav's when it comes to this sound. Some call it drone, stoner, stoney, whatever. Very full, hypnotic, guitar fuzzy, ambient at times and some great background records. Always keeps me satisfied.

Lets Us Prey as well as Witchcult Today are LPs. Supercoven is an EP. Supercoven was from 98, Prey came out in 2002, Withcult, their most recent, in 2007.

Check out more for yourselves if you enjoy these.

Let Us Prey

1. ...A Chosen Few – 6:35
2. We, the Undead – 4:29
3. Master of Alchemy – 9:23

I. House of Whipcord
II. The Black Drug

4. The Outsider – 9:18
5. Night of the Shape – 4:02
6. Priestess of Mars – 10:02


1. Supercoven – 13:13
2. Burnout – 18:39

*Extra songs included on the 2000 reissue:

3. Wizards of Gore – 9:02
4. Electric Wizard (live) – 9:53

Witchcult Today

1. Witchcult Today – 7:54
2. Dunwich – 5:34
3. Satanic Rites of Drugula – 6:06
4. Raptus – 2:13
5. The Chosen Few – 8:19
6. Torquemada '71 – 6:42
7. Black Magic Rituals & Perversions – 11:01

I. Frisson Des Vampires
II. Zora

8. Saturnine – 11:04

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