Sunday, September 28

Wayne Jarrett: Showcase Vol.1 (Bubble Up)

Roots vocalist Wayne Jarrett remains relatively unknown, even for many reggae fans. Born in 1956 in Kingston, Jamaica, Wayne relocated to the U.S. with his mother and his 6 siblings.

Showcase Vol. 1(later known as Bubble Up) is essentially three Jarrett tracks, two Lloyd Barnes tracks, and a Horace Andy number all presented in the showcase style.

The showcase style is the vocal track with the dub track mixed onto the end. The tracks are all very well voiced in a manner that hints at Horace Andy without copying him. Owners of Wackies compilations should recognize a recycled rhythm or two, but Bullwackies managed to make an original fresh sounding roots album.

Guitar solos and a strong jazz influence make this an even more interesting album. This is a essential album for all roots fans.

Bubble Up

1. Brimstone And Fire - 5:39
2. Every Tongue Shall Tell - 5:11
3. Magic In The Air - 7:59
4. Bubble Up - 7:18
5. Darling Your Eyes - 7:28
6. Holy Mount Zion - 5:20

Tuesday, September 23

Crispy Ambulance: Frozen Blood (80-82)

Like many other groups mentioned in this blog who were inspired by the infamous Sex Pistols show at Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester(IE: Buzzcocks, Warsaw/Joy Division, etc), Crispy Ambulance was another.

Sometimes regarded at the time as "Joy Division copyists", C.A. didn't seem to leave quite a mark worldwide. At least, not as much of one like some others on the label.

Formed in 1978 by Alan Hempsall (vocals), Keith Darbyshire (bass), Gary Madeley (drums) and Robert Davenport (guitar)in Manchester. They disbanded in 1982 after several dozen shows in the UK and a tour in mainland Europe. In 1999, C.A. reformed with the original line up and released 2 more LP's of new material.

This is collection of their first stage as a group. Add it to your collection of bands on Factory Records/Post Punk/British 70's/early 80's music. I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

Frozen Blood (80-82)

1. Not What I Expected - 3:59
2. Deaf - 3:56
3. Come On - 2:10
4. Drug User – Drug Pusher - 6:24
5. October 31st - 3:34
6. Egypt - 5:10
7. A Sense Of Reason - 4:00
8. Eastern Bloc - 5:26
9. Concorde Square - 3:08
10. The Presence - 5:14
11. Headhunters - 2:52
12. Frozen Blood - 4:39
13. Turnbuckle - 5:57
14. The Gift Of Danger - 3:22
15. Hollow Points - 4:30
16. The Grind - 4:28
17. Cult - 3:14

Sunday, September 21

Atlantis Audio Archive Presents: VINTAGE 9/23/08

My friend at Atlantis Audio Archive will be spinning some wax at King & I Thai, here in Minneapolis.

The info as follows:

The music starts around 10 and goes till close (2 am). I will be spinning in a similar groove to the Champion Superior Soundsystem nights from my DC days. Lots of African, Brazilian and other funky grooves.

Tuesday July 22nd, 10 pm - close
King & I Thai
1346 La Salle Ave. Minneapolis, MN
No Cover

Blank Dogs: On Two Sides

To keep in the spirit of Blank Dogs approach at keeping the public from knowing too much about him, I will do the same. Provided below is a link to his blog.

Over all, it's a one person project that puts out several releases a year. Mostly released on cassette and vinyl 7"s. He allows all to download said releases from his page. So grab them while you can.

I do enjoy the feel of these Lo-Fi recordings. All done at Mr. Blank Dogs home, he manages to capture a feel of an era of music long gone. Mostly late 70's/early 80's electro/post punk, what have you. You can draw your own comparisons.

Also, let it be known that he played his first show this year. Mr Blank Dog likes to be Mr. Recluse.

Blank Dogs Blog

On Two Sides

1. Ants - 2:55
2. Blaring Speeches - 3:07
3. Twenty Two - 2:21
4. The Crystal Ladies - 4:04
5. Calico Hands - 2:16
6. Pieces - 2:10
7. Epic Moves - 3:36
8. The Lines - 2:09
9. RCD Song - 3:01
10. The Station - 2:03
11. Meltdown Cloud - 3:04
12. Three Window Room - 3:09

Tuesday, September 16

Willy - R.I.P. 1981 - 2008

Willy took his life just days ago, I have learned as of last night. At this moment, I can't really wrap my mind around it. He was a very special person to me and many, many others.

I had the opportunity to become friends w/Willy while he was in Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower. Our bands toured together and stayed in touch since. I don't think I met someone who was so warm and open in such a long, long time.

You're missed very badly, friend.


Wednesday, September 10

Birdland: 2004 Demo

This is a demo from the Baltimore group Birdland, which changed their name to Celebration shortly after. The band consists of Katrina Ford(vocals) and Sean Antanaitis(drum machine, sequencers, keys, guitar). These two were also in bands such as Jaks as well as Love Life.

Their sound stayed consistent over the years from band to band to that of Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard and The Bad Seeds. A cabaret feel, dark, spacious, etc.

You can find their current releases under the name Celebration on 4AD Records. Which, to me, is quite fitting. You may recognize Katrina's vocals on TV On The Radio's"Staring At The Sun."

Definitely worth checking out.

Birdland 2004 Demo

1. Waste Time - 4:53
2. Lost Souls - 3:38
3. Tonight - 3:12
4. Stars Don't - 5:02
5. Only One - 4:58
6. Go West - 5:31
7. Run Away - 7:27