Wednesday, September 10

Birdland: 2004 Demo

This is a demo from the Baltimore group Birdland, which changed their name to Celebration shortly after. The band consists of Katrina Ford(vocals) and Sean Antanaitis(drum machine, sequencers, keys, guitar). These two were also in bands such as Jaks as well as Love Life.

Their sound stayed consistent over the years from band to band to that of Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard and The Bad Seeds. A cabaret feel, dark, spacious, etc.

You can find their current releases under the name Celebration on 4AD Records. Which, to me, is quite fitting. You may recognize Katrina's vocals on TV On The Radio's"Staring At The Sun."

Definitely worth checking out.

Birdland 2004 Demo

1. Waste Time - 4:53
2. Lost Souls - 3:38
3. Tonight - 3:12
4. Stars Don't - 5:02
5. Only One - 4:58
6. Go West - 5:31
7. Run Away - 7:27


Henry said...

I agree. Celebration's great.

Would you mind sending Birdland's demo via email? I've been looking forever for it but no luck.

Alan Parsons said...

Yes. Excellent group. Jaxx and Love Life are fav's as well.

Are you not able to download the link from here?

Grace A. Woodard said...

it seems this file is expired--any chance you could re-up or email? thank you so much!

Alan Parsons said...

No problem. If you guys have Yahoo IM, shoot me a line at:


Even if I'm not online, leave your email address. I will then send you a link via email.