Sunday, September 28

Wayne Jarrett: Showcase Vol.1 (Bubble Up)

Roots vocalist Wayne Jarrett remains relatively unknown, even for many reggae fans. Born in 1956 in Kingston, Jamaica, Wayne relocated to the U.S. with his mother and his 6 siblings.

Showcase Vol. 1(later known as Bubble Up) is essentially three Jarrett tracks, two Lloyd Barnes tracks, and a Horace Andy number all presented in the showcase style.

The showcase style is the vocal track with the dub track mixed onto the end. The tracks are all very well voiced in a manner that hints at Horace Andy without copying him. Owners of Wackies compilations should recognize a recycled rhythm or two, but Bullwackies managed to make an original fresh sounding roots album.

Guitar solos and a strong jazz influence make this an even more interesting album. This is a essential album for all roots fans.

Bubble Up

1. Brimstone And Fire - 5:39
2. Every Tongue Shall Tell - 5:11
3. Magic In The Air - 7:59
4. Bubble Up - 7:18
5. Darling Your Eyes - 7:28
6. Holy Mount Zion - 5:20

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