Sunday, September 21

Blank Dogs: On Two Sides

To keep in the spirit of Blank Dogs approach at keeping the public from knowing too much about him, I will do the same. Provided below is a link to his blog.

Over all, it's a one person project that puts out several releases a year. Mostly released on cassette and vinyl 7"s. He allows all to download said releases from his page. So grab them while you can.

I do enjoy the feel of these Lo-Fi recordings. All done at Mr. Blank Dogs home, he manages to capture a feel of an era of music long gone. Mostly late 70's/early 80's electro/post punk, what have you. You can draw your own comparisons.

Also, let it be known that he played his first show this year. Mr Blank Dog likes to be Mr. Recluse.

Blank Dogs Blog

On Two Sides

1. Ants - 2:55
2. Blaring Speeches - 3:07
3. Twenty Two - 2:21
4. The Crystal Ladies - 4:04
5. Calico Hands - 2:16
6. Pieces - 2:10
7. Epic Moves - 3:36
8. The Lines - 2:09
9. RCD Song - 3:01
10. The Station - 2:03
11. Meltdown Cloud - 3:04
12. Three Window Room - 3:09

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