Monday, January 26

Lack there of

I apologize for not posting as much as before. Please accept this Kraftwerk.

Performing "Tanzmusik" live on television in 1973.

Monday, January 19

Happy Birthday, Dolly.

Wow! 63, it's hard to believe.

I always loved hearing Dolly as I grew up. My mother would always play her records in the late 70's and early 80's. Shit, she even watched her syndicated show!

Definitely a living legend that helped pave a road for many, many female musicians. Her influence can be seen, as well as respected in many genre's.

Sunday, January 4

Sun Ra - Brother From Another Planet


Part. 1

Part. 2

Part. 3

Part. 4

Can - Unlimited Edition

The abbreviation E.F.S., appearing in several of the track titles, refers to Ethnological Forgery Series, a series of songs in which Can self-consciously imitated various "world music" genres. Mother Upduff is a retelling of an urban legend involving a family whose grandmother dies while they are on holiday together, and whose corpse – left wrapped up on the roof of the family car – is later stolen along with the car.

- Wikipedia entry for Can "Unlimited Edition"

Essentially, this album is a collection of tracks over the bands existence from 1968 to 1976. It was a expanded version of their album "Limited Edition" which was released in 1974. As the name suggests, it had a limited press. This particular album added tracks 14 - 19 and was released as a double LP.

It also should be noted that Can's most recognized vocalists, Damo Suzuki and Malcolm Mooney are featured on here.

Many times collections like these can be lack luster, but Can pretty much manages the "keep things interesting" department in check. Definitely worth your time if you enjoy this group.

Unlimited Edition

1. Gomorrha – 5:41
2. Doko E – 2:26
3. LH 702 – 2:11
4. I'm Too Leise – 5:10
5. Musette – 2:08
6. Blue Bag (Inside Paper) – 1:16
7. E.F.S. No. 27 – 1:47
8. TV Spot – 3:02
9. E.F.S. No. 7 – 1:05
10. The Empress And The Ukraine King – 4:40
11. E.F.S. No. 10 – 2:01
12. Mother Upduff – 4:28
13. E.F.S. No. 36 – 1:55
15. Connection – 2:20
16. Fall Of Another Year – 3:20
17. E.F.S. No. 8 – 1:37
18. Transcendental Express – 4:37
19. Ibis – 5:00