Monday, August 11

Sun Ra: Lanquidity

Sun Ra and most of the core Arkestra (at least Allen, Gilmore, Patrick and Boykins) left Chicago in 1961, staying in Montreal for a few months before settling in New York City. They initially had trouble finding performance venues and began living communally due to New York's higher cost of living. This frustration fueled the drastic changes in the Arkestra's sound as Sun Ra's music underwent a free jazz-influenced experimental period.

Wikipedia Entry/Sun Ra New York years (1961–early 1970s)

I've heard a lot of Sun Ra records over the years. Definitely no where near the amount of recordings he actually has, but enough to get an idea. But then I heard this record.

A new friend as of this year played me this record and needless to say, I took to it. It may only have 5 tracks, but they hold your attention. This is also a rare moment where you'll hear guitar in his group. Track one and five still remain my favorites. Interesting enough, they happen to be the opener and closers.

Whether or not you're into fusion, it's worth checking out. Even if you use it as"back ground" music.

Sun Ra: Lanquidity

1. Lanquidity 8:22
2. Where pathways meet 6:33
3. That's how I feel 8:06
4. Twin stars of thence 9:34
5. There are other worlds (they have not told you of) 10:57

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