Saturday, May 10

Amon Düül II: Phallus Dei

This is the debut LP for Amon Düül II after splitting with the "Amon Düül commune" in Munich, Germany. It's been said that the split was partly due to some of the original Amon Düül's members "incompetence." An excerpt from their Wiki page states this about the commune:

"Amon Düül began in 1967 as a radical political art commune of Munich based artists calling themselves, in part, after the Egyptian Sun God Amon; Düül has been cited as a character from Turkish fiction.

The commune quickly attained cult status for its free form musical improvisations, usually performed around the happenings and demonstrations of the contemporary politicized youth movement. The orthodoxy within the commune had a highly liberal attitude to artistic freedom, valuing enthusiasm and attitude over artistic ability; membership was fluid; anyone who was part of the commune was part of the group. However a faction within was more ambitious, conventional and musically structured, leading to the inevitable split within the collective, which separated in 1969 into the components "Amon Düül I" and "Amon Düül II"."

Considered a "cornerstone for German psychadelic music" due to it's unique sounds, layers and vocal styles. Challenging for many people, but definetly worth checking out. Especially if you take interest in how "micro genre's" split and branch off, influence others and so forth.

Phallus Dei

1. "Kanaan" – 4:02
2. "Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren" – 6:12
3. "Luzifer's Ghilom" – 8:34
4. "Henriette Krötenschwanz" – 2:03
5. "Phallus Dei" – 20:48

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