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Iggy Pop: The Idiot/Lust For Life

Everyone has heard his name. In one way or another, you have to respect him. His early solo career, mostly pioneered by David Bowie(at least these two LP's)was, at the time, viewed as neutral at best. Mostly regarded as "creative/musical freedom, yet not fully convincing" by the likes of Rolling Stone and NME. But to fans, these were masterpieces. How can you argue with bands like Joy Division, Depeche Mode or even NIN citing these as "crucial releases."

To us fans, we say "fuck that." No matter what outlet you discovered him through: The Stooges, Bowie, Tin Machine, Trainspotting, etc, it had all lead back to these 2 records, in my opinion. Kinda like that "6 degrees of Keven Bacon game."
The background alone on these two records are sketchy at best. Granted over the years proper "credits to musicians played on the albums" and "purposes/inspirations for the songs/records" have surfaced, references are still misinformed or misguided, if you ask me. Bowie, in recent interviews, admits to "using Pop as a guinea pig to help me come up w/material for my German influenced trilogy."

Regardless, his music is timeless and to this day still receives much appraisal. Give them and try and see what people have been talking about for just under 31 years now.

Lust For Life

1. "Lust for Life" – 5:13 (lyrics: Iggy Pop, music: David Bowie)
2. "Sixteen" – 2:26 (Pop)
3. "Some Weird Sin" – 3:42 (lyrics: Pop, music: Bowie)
4. "The Passenger" – 4:44 (lyrics: Pop, music: Ricky Gardiner)
5. "Tonight" – 3:39 (lyrics: Pop, music: Bowie)
6. "Success" – 4:25 (lyrics: Pop, music: Bowie, Gardiner)
7. "Turn Blue" – 6:56 (lyrics: Pop, Walter Lacey, music: Bowie, Warren Peace)
8. "Neighborhood Threat" – 3:25 (lyrics: Pop, music: Bowie, Gardiner)
9. "Fall in Love with Me" – 6:30 (lyrics: Pop, music: Bowie, Hunt Sales, Tony Sales)

The Idiot

All tracks written by Iggy Pop and David Bowie except where noted.

1. "Sister Midnight" (Pop, Bowie, Carlos Alomar) – 4:19
2. "Nightclubbing" – 4:14
3. "Funtime" – 2:54
4. "Baby" – 3:24
5. "China Girl" – 5:08
6. "Dum Dum Boys" – 7:12
7. "Tiny Girls" – 2:59
8. "Mass Production" – 8:24

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