Sunday, May 11

This Heat: Self Titled LP

What we have here is the debut LP from London's This Heat which was released in 1978 on Rough Trade Records. The group consisted of Charles Bullen, Charles Hayward & Gareth Williams.

One stand out character of this group would be that each member was a multi-instrumentalist. For instance, on this release, Charles Bullen is credited for playing guitar, clarinet, viola, vocals & tapes. Charles Hayward handled drums, keyboards, vocals, tapes & finally Gareth utilized keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals as well as tapes.

Formed in 1975, This Heat stood out like no other partially due to it's highly innovative take on progressive rock or even punk. While throwing in various genre influences, they were also pretty abrasive as well as very politically charged.

Eventually splitting in 1982, members went on to form the likes of Camberwell Now & Lifetones.

This is a great LP to have in your post-punk, noise-rock, progressive rock collection. Slap whatever title you want on it, it's still going to be what it is. Far ahead of it's time.

This Heat Self Titled

1. "Test Card" – 0:47
2. "Horizontal Hold" – 6:56
3. "Not Waving" – 7:26
4. "Water" – 3:10
5. "Twilight Furniture" – 5:06
6. "24 Track Loop" – 5:57
7. "Diet of Worms" – 3:09
8. "Music Like Escaping Gas" - 3:40
9. "Rainforest" – 2:55
10. "The Fall of Saigon" – 5:10
11. "Test Card" – 3:11 * Bonus Track

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