Wednesday, May 28

Camberwell Now: All's Well

Camberwell Now formed in 1982 after This Heat disbanded. Their drummer/vocalist Charles Hayward, bassist and vocalist Trefor Goronwy (who replaced Gareth Williams in This Heat when he quit), and This Heat's old sound technician Stephen Rickard rounded the bill. Stephen is noted as bringing the studio to the live show.

I was introduced to Camberwell Now from a friend this year. He was giving me a ride to my old practice space to pick up some equipment when he played "Daddy Needs a Throne" in his car. Needless to say, I was blown away.

Me: "Who's this?"

Friend: "Camberwell Now. The drummer and bassist of This Heat's band afterwards."

Me: "Damn.....sick."

This record is, essentially, everything they released. Which was one full length entitled The Ghost Trade, two 12" EPs and some tracks for a magazine and some compilations. There's some tracks missing on this collection/reissue, but I'm uncertain as to what they are.

Like This Heat, there is a lot of studio trickery, use of electronics, intricate bass lines and musicianship. Very impressive stuff.

All's Well

Part 1

Part 2

Below is the track listing along with release title/credits

1 Cutty Sark (2:48)
Bass, Tambourine - Charles Bullen
2 Pearl Divers (3:31)
3 Spirit Of Dunkirk (2:39)
4 Resplash (7:55)

5 Daddy Needs A Throne (3:24)

The Ghost Trade
6 Working Nights (7:45)
7 Sitcom (4:40)
Voice - Mary Philips
8 Wheat Futures (6:14)
9 Speculative Fiction (6:11)
10 Green Lantern (3:16)
11 The Ghost Trade (11:14)
Voice - Polly Edmett

12 Greenfingers (5:52)
13 Mystery Of The Fence (3:11)
14 Know How (3:44)
15 Element Unknown (1:35)

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