Saturday, May 10

Silver Apples: Contact

Here's the second album, Contact, by Silver Apples. This was released in 1969 on KAPP Records just like the previous release. Since 1997, you can purchase it as a companion to the self titled on CD through MCA Records. It was also re-released on a UK label called Radioactive Records in 2003.

A couple interesting facts about this release:

Silver Apples faced a lawsuit from PAN AM due to the LP art. It featured Simeon and Danny in a cockpit of a PAN AM airplane with drug paraphernalia. The inner art showed the two amongst a plane wreckage as well. PAN AM then sued the Silver Apples for $100,000. With that and KAPP Records folding to MCA, the band called it quits at the end of 1969.

Rocket From The Crypt covered the first track"You & I" on a rare 3 CD compilation.

The tracks "Ruby" & "Confusion" features Simeon playing a Banjo.

I enjoy this record as much as the first, to be honest. Some just think of it as an extension of the self titled, which makes sense.

Dive into this one this weekend.

Silver Apples Contact

1. "You and I" (Silver Apples, Simeon, Cecil Taylor) 3:24
2. "Water" (Silver Apples, Simeon, Taylor) 4:18
3. "Ruby" (Joy May Creasy, Silver Apples) 2:32
4. "Gypsy Love" (Silver Apples, Simeon, Stanley Warren, Cecil Taylor) 5:36
5. "You're Not Foolin' Me" (Silver Apples, Simeon, Taylor) 6:26
6. "I Have Known Love" (Eileen Lewellen, Silver Apples, Simeon, Taylor) 3:53
7. "A Pox on You" (Silver Apples, Simeon, Taylor) 5:11
8. "Confusion" (Silver Apples, Simeon, Taylor) 3:34
9. "Fantasies" (Silver Apples, Simeon, Taylor) 5:57

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