Wednesday, July 2

Disco Inferno: Technicolour

I just recently discovered this group this year. At first the name really turned me off. The last thing I wanted to hear was something disco oriented in this day and age. No offense to any of you Disco fans out there. I can respect it, but shit. This is 2008 and I think we got the genre covered. Will I eat my words one day? Doubt it.

Disco Inferno is a group from Essex, England. They released 5 LP's and a mess of singles and EP's.

Technicolour was Disco Inferno's final LP on Rough Trade. Their Wiki page mentions that they formed in late 80's and ended in 96. Heavily influenced by Joy Division and other post punk groups that came from England.

Samples, electronics, some pop elements, fun guitar effects and 100% British sounding.

I like. I think you might, too.


All tracks written by Ian Crause, Paul Wilmott, and Rob Whatley.

1. Technicolour – 3:37
2. Things Move Fast – 3:02
3. I'm Still in Love – 2:10
4. Sleight of Hand – 3:59
5. Don't You Know – 4:48
6. It's a Kid's World – 4:30 * Sample: Iggy Pop, "Lust for Life"
7. When the Story Breaks – 3:11
8. Can't See Through It – 3:53
9. Over and Over – 3:51

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