Monday, July 28

The Magnetic Fields: Holiday

Holiday is the record which introduced me to The Magnetic Fields. There was something about their unconventional take on 80's style pop songs. Such use of ukulele, banjo's, accordion, cello's and Marxophone really made their music stand out. Well, that and Stephin Merritt's vocals.

The Magnetic Fields hail from New York and was originally Stephin's studio project. During the early stages of the groups formation, he played all instruments with exception of additional help from Claudia Gonson.

I've been on a big kick lately with their records. It's especially nice to know they still exist. Most groups in this vein, if you will, tend to be broken up, dead, etc by now. At least the groups & performers I enjoy.

Like most music, I have some fond memories with this record. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.


1. BBC Radiophonic Workshop – 0:22
2. Desert Island – 3:34
3. Deep Sea Diving Suit – 2:05
4. Strange Powers – 2:41
5. Torn Green Velvet Eyes – 4:22
6. The Flowers She Sent and the Flowers She Said She Sent – 2:26
7. Swinging London – 2:35
8. In My Secret Place – 1:41
9. Sad Little Moon – 2:12
10. The Trouble I've Been Looking For – 2:23
11. Sugar World – 3:19
12. All You Ever Do Is Walk Away – 2:06
13. In My Car – 2:57
14. Take Ecstasy with Me – 3:30


JLewis184 said...

Was Holiday released on vinyl? If so, where can I get it?!

Alan Parsons said...

It was but it's no longer in print, sadly. It was originally released on Feel Good All Over Records in 1994 then reissued on Merge in 1999.

I would still hit up some record stores for it. That or or the usual eBay.

Good luck!