Sunday, July 6

Swans: Filth + Self Titled EP

The only Swans era I really put forth effort to listen to was their first 3 or 4yrs of existence. I was much more of a fan of the violent and abrasiveness of their music, which can be seen up until their 3rd of 4th release. Their sound started to take a departure and eventually becoming something more of pop music afterward.

Rising from the ashes of the New York No Wave scene in the late 70's/early 80's, Swans made it's mark rather quick.

The live shows were violent in ways of their presence, physical activity with the audience and the volume. It had been reported that some members of the audience would throw up from how unsettling the volume was. And of course, cops were always called.

Anyone fan of The Birthday Party, early Cop Shoot Cop would appreciate this release. It features the debut self titled EP, which had been added once it was re-released in 1990.

Hypnotic and repetitive chords, thick and heavy bass, driving and very thundering percussion all topped with vulgar lyrical content.

Not bad.

Filth + Self Titled EP

1. Stay Here – 5:44
2. Big Strong Boss – 3:07
3. Blackout – 3:49
4. Power for Power – 6:03
5. Freak – 1:15
6. Right Wrong – 4:48
7. Thank You – 3:56
8. Weakling – 5:30
9. Gang – 3:20
10. Swans Live at the Kitchen, N.Y.C. 1982/3 - 24:18†

†The additional track on the 1990 re-release contained a live set from New York City containing the tracks "Strip/Burn", "Heatsheet", "Blackout", "Clay Man" "Stay Here" and "Weakling"

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