Monday, July 14

The Pop Group: Y

This is the debut LP, Y from the Bristol, England post-punk act The Pop Group.

The Pop Group existed for just a short period of time from 1978 to 1980. They went through a few line up changes before signing to Rough Trade, which released their sophomore release For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?

During the Rough Trade era, they shared managers with The Slits. Both bands, at this time, were doing their take on more funk and dub reggae influence while remaining very noisy, jazz influenced, etc.

This record is for anyone who enjoys this period of music from the U.K. Highly recommended.


1. She Is Beyond Good and Evil – 3:23 (CD only: not on the original '79 vinyl album)
2. Thief of Fire – 4:35
3. Snow Girl – 3:21
4. Blood Money – 2:57
5. We Are Time – 6:29
6. Savage Sea – 3:02
7. Words Disobey Me – 3:26
8. Don't Call Me Pain – 5:35
9. The Boys from Brazil – 4:16
10. Don't Sell Your Dreams – 6:40

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