Tuesday, June 24

Neil Young: Trans

This is a pretty fun record. Very different from his previous releases, this record features Young on Vocoder, synth and electronic percussion.

According to the Wikipedia entry:

Neil Young found that when using a vocoder when communicating to his son (who was born with cerebral palsy), he was able to elicit a better response. The emotional power of this experiment shows in the lyrics, particularly in the track "Transformer Man" with the lines "So many things still left to do / But we haven't made it yet."

At time of release, which was 1982, many reviews thought very poorly of it. Some fans thought he was mocking the current day music. I'm not too positive as to why he decided to release an album as such. Regardless, it's worth checking out if you enjoy electronic music. Especially with a Vocoder.


1. Little Thing Called Love – 3:13
2. Computer Age – 5:24
3. We R in Control – 3:31
4. Transformer Man – 3:23
5. Computer Cowboy (AKA Syscrusher) – 4:13
6. Hold on to Your Love – 3:28
7. Sample and Hold – 8:03
8. Mr. Soul – 3:19
9. Like an Inca – 9:46

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