Tuesday, June 24

Men's Recovery Project: Frank Talk About Humans CD

This was originally a 3x7" release on Vinyl Communications. It was released about a year later as a CD with many extra remixes/tracks/random shit.

Sam McPheters and Neil Burke were both previously in a hXc group from NY called Born Against. They relocated to Richmond, VA and eventually disbanded. There was several incarnations of groups featuring members of Born Against. MRP had to be my favorite.

The main difference between MRP and BA was mostly the fact that it was a 2 peice originally, used whatever random cheap keyboards, synths, samplers, sequencers they could get their hands on and write 10 to 20 + songs at a time. If you check out their discography, it's quite extensive and much of it is out of print.

Sam(vocals) always had a sharp wit and sense of humor. This only became more extreme and off the wall as MRP existed. Prior hXc fans felt alienated and some just flat out offended by what they thought was absurd, ridiculous or just terrible.

I fucking loved it.

Their first show in Richmond MRP opened for Avail, which at the time was a huge hXc/anthemy"sing along chorus" style band from VA, too. When the lights on the stage came on, a woman walking from the left towards the center stage then off to the right held up a sign, as if in a boxing match, that read"Next up, Men's Recovery Project." She then exited.

At that moment, a figure at both left and right of the stage wearing boxes on their heads with amateurish faces drawn on it arrive, looking at the other. They then ran towards one another, smacked into each other and walked off. Then the lady arrives again, this time with a sign reading"This has been Men's Recovery Project."

Several, several other tales of MRP, but we'll save them for another entry.


Frank Talk About Humans

Part 1

Part 2

1. Clark In My Car
2. Homo?
3. Slap On Some Pants
4. They Found My Naked Body By The River
5. All Music Is Shit To God
6. Frank Talk About Mutants
7. Problem?
8. Domestic Phone Call
9. Explanation Of Head Troubles
10. Smokin' That Magic Rock
11. Eating Contest
12. Ugly Interracial Couple
13. Frank Talk About Mutants, Also
14. Frank Talk About Mutants (Carl Cullins Remix)
15. Smokin' That Magic Rock (Zionist Remix)
16. Explanation Of Head Troubles (Empirically Verifiable Science Remix)
17. All Music Is Shit To God (Ed Powers Tribal Remix)
18. Homo? (Neighborhood Plumbing Remix)
19. Domestic Phone Call (Exhausted Engineer Remix)
20. Explanation Of Head Troubles (Children's Problem Remix)
21. Eating Contest (Parisian Remix)
22. Domestic Phone Call (Plastic Fruit Cups Remix)
23. Problem? (Owner's Remix)
24. Slap On Some Pants (Trail Mix Remix)
25. Domestic Phone Call (Special Remix)
26. All Music Is Shit To God (Fuck You Remix)
27. Domestic Phone Call (Artificial Leg Remix)
28. Frank Talk About Mutants (Marshall Glickman Remix)
29. Smokin' That Magic Rock (John Wilcox Remix)
30. All Music Is Shit To God (DNA Sequencer Failure Remix)
31. Domestic Phone Call (Inflatable Remix)
32. Slap On Some Pants (Halftime Remix)
33. Eating Contest (Emergency Remix)
34. Explanation Of Head Troubles (Empowerment Pants Remix)
35. Encompass
36. Slap On Some Pants (Trouble Remix)
37. Domestic Phone Call (Cookout Fluid Remix)
38. Homo? ("They Ain't Suing Nobody" Remix)
39. Domestic Phone Call (Negro Remix)
40. Frank Talk About Mutants (Arnold Clausen Remix)
41. Domestic Phone Call (Wankle-Rotary Engine Remix)
42. All Music Is Shit To God (Monoroid Remix)
43. Explanation Of Head Troubles (Malfunction Remix)
44. Slap On Some Pants (Waste Of Resources Remix)
45. Older Men

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