Friday, June 6

Public Image Limited Interviews

A few weeks back I posted a P.I.L. record entitled Flowers of Romance, which happens to be one of my favorite records by them.

In the posting, I mentioned that I enjoyed the banters of Lydon and co. on television. Most people get turned off and I admit, he can be a little over baring at times. Mostly because I think he just doesn't appear to take things seriously. Or, at least not taking the interview serious.

Below are some of the best moments of P.I.L. live on television. I suggest checking them out.

John Lydon and Keith Levene on the Tom Snyder Show 1980

Part 1

Part 2

P.I.L. performing live followed by interview on a British show called "Check It Out"

And finally, PIL on American Bandstand 1980

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